Modern Times Valentine’s Day Card

Modern Times Valentine’s Day Card: Tell Em How You Feel


Well it’s that time of year. When all of us single people are forced to take a look back on our love lives, and realize the terrible failures that have led us to heartbreak. We fail at relationships. Seriously, we are single, so that means that no relationship we have ever been in has ever worked out. We fail.

But, if you are in that relationship that is destined to fail, here is a card for this Valentine’s day that will sum up your entire union. Because what better way to express your distaste and sure doom, than in a card?!

The card is standard sized, with festive fonts and colors, and reads “There is no one else I would rather lay in bed and check my phone next to”. Despite the obvious grammar mistake here, it really sums up things.

Is that really all it takes to be with someone? Because I can do that. Seriously, is there anyone out there who is lonely too?

$4.50 From Etsy

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