ModKat Litter Box

Ready To Toss The Litter Box Out The Window? Don’t Do It Til You Look At This ModKat Litter Box!


I am going to go out on a limb here and say you love your cat to death, but the litter box…not so much. The litter box is one of those things that cat lovers are forced to accept and deal with in their homes. You can tell a person loves their pet when they are willing to deal with a plastic tub filled with sand and poop to be allowed in the house.

There is a better way to deal with your kitties bathroom habits. You can go through the ordeal of letting them outdoors o do their business and risk them running off or getting hit by a car. Or you could try to train them to use the toilet bowl. It can be done, but it tale a lot of patience and a little bit of luck. Or you can give their litter box an incredible makeover with the Modkat litter box.

The Modkat is a thing of beauty if we can be honest here and still talk about litter boxes. It surrounds your cat so they can have some privacy and you are not subjected to watching your cat go. One of the best features of the Modbox is the locking lid which keeps litter in and puppies out. If you have dogs as well as cats you hate seeing that litter on your dog’s nose and the guilty expression. So this is one way to keep puppy out and not further gross you out by chomping down on “kitty treats”.

If you own cats or know someone who does this is a great way to deal with having to have a kitty box in the house.

ModKat Litter Box 2

ModKat Litter Box 3

ModKat Litter Box 4$179.99 From Amazon

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