Money Duck Soap

Money Duck Soap: Soap For Your Stinky Friend!


Are you an adult? Are your friends adults? Do you have a friend who refuses to bathe? If you do, my first recommendation is that you stay the hell away from that person. Stenches are sticky little mistresses, and they travel from person to person, surface to surface. In short, if you hang around with a stinky person, they will make you stinky as well, rendering any attempt to get laid fruitless.

But let’s say you really like your friend, and you want them around. Well, as pathetic as the idea might be, here is a bar of soap that will give some incentive! Because there is money inside! So the catch is that they have to use the whole bar in order to get paid!

Each money soap bar is shaped like a duck (for fun), and is scented like pearberry (whatever that is). The money amount in the center is a mystery until you get to it, but it ranges anywhere from 5 US dollars to 50 US dollars! I would probably just set this thing under some running hot water to get to the center faster, but that’s just me.

$14.84 From Amazon

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