Moon Night Light

Moon Night Light: This Little Light Of Mine Is Going To Shine


I have a confession to make to all my loyal readers, I am terrified of the dark. There I said it. Does that make me less of an adult than you? Absolutely not! For years, I would lay terrified that something or someone was lurking under my bed or in my closet. I can only assume it is due to all the horror movies my parents allowed me to watch when I was just a toddler. However, I finally found a way to deal with my phobia head on.

I went online and looked for a night light that would allow me to sleep without the fear of the Boogeyman jumping on me in the middle of the night. I found the perfect one when I was shopping online at Amazon. You have to take a look at this moon night light. It looks just like the real thing, only much smaller and not as bright. It seems they should have some type of disclaimer for that as I was expecting more.

I will admit I was a bit worried that any chicks I brought home would make fun of me for my little night light, but it was just the opposite. They want to play with it and flip it on and off and just touch it all night long. So for all you guys who are ashamed of being afraid of the dark, it is OK to admit it and just get yourself a night light like mine.

$7.28 From Amazon

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