Get To Your Flight In Style With Motorized Rideable Luggage


Are you a frequent flyer? Do you feel that you spend more time in airports and airplanes than you do in your own home? How would you like to be able to get through the airport three times faster than walking? You have carried your luggage all your life, isn’t it time your luggage repays the favor. Well, now it can, with motorized rideable luggage!

Imagine being able to get from the front door to your boarding gate in the airport without having to take a step? Sounds like a very sweet dream, doesn’t it? This little device runs at 8 miles per hours and will have all that foot traffic moving out of your way. Also included are dual USB ports as well as easy access pockets for documents and other essentials.

If you have always hated the airport, this motorized rideable luggage is going to make the airport your own persoanl playground. If you get two of these, think of the incredible races you could have through the airport, might make your final destination seem bland by comparison!

Motorized Rideable Luggage

Motorized Rideable Luggage 2

Motorized Rideable Luggage 3

Motorized Rideable Luggage 4
$995 From Indiegogo

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