Animal-Face Ski Masks

The Multi-Use Animal Ski Mask!


I like animals just as much as the next guy. They are cute, they are furry and comfortable, and according to movies, every once and a while, one will become radioactive or something and terrorize a town. But this is just kind of creepy… just a little bit.

This is a bunch of ski masks that are printed with very realistic animal faces. Need to commit a crime where you might wind up on camera? No problem, it was the family dog! Need to really freak out your victim before you stab them to death? Hey, this has you covered! Girlfriend or boyfriend into animal porn? Well…. weird but this could work!

The masks come in several different animal types, including (but not limited to) dogs, cats, pandas, lions, and even a lynx! Each one even has a set of ears to correspond to whatever animal you get!

And it should be noted, it’s not a ski mask. It’s technical name is a balaclava, before all you prudes jump down my throat!

Animal-Face Ski Masks 2

Animal-Face Ski Masks 3

Animal-Face Ski Masks 4

Animal-Face Ski Masks 5

Animal-Face Ski Masks 6

Animal-Face Ski Masks 7

Animal-Face Ski Masks 88$35+ From Teyasalat

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