Natural Wood Log Planter Pots

Natural Wood Log Planter Pots: Cannibal Or Necrophiliac?


When you think of committing cannibalism… well, you should stop… but you think of one animal devouring a member of its own species. And when you think of necrophilia (again, you should stop) you think of having sex with something that is dead. Both are considered extremely taboo, and are only really carried out by complete nutjobs.

So when I saw this plant pot that is made from a log, I thought “well which is this”? Is this cannibalism, or is it necrophilia? On one hand, you have a piece of a log devouring a plant. On the other, you have a plant inside of a plant. I am personally leaning towards necrophilia, but I guess you can be the judge of it.

To reiterate, these are plant pots that are made from actual segments of a tree. Because there is no better way to traumatize a living creature, then to have it grow up inside the carcass of one it’s relatives!

Natural Wood Log Planter Pots 2

Natural Wood Log Planter Pots 3

Natural Wood Log Planter Pots 4

Natural Wood Log Planter Pots 5$22.01+ From Etsy

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