Nerf Battle Racer Ride On

Nerf Battle Racer Ride On: Taking NERF Warfare To The Next Level


Your time on this Earth has probably been filled with at least one NERF battle. Just about every child and adult has one they are able to sit around a fire and talk about the glory of that battle…that is if you or your team won.

Regardless of the outcome of the battle, one thing was always missing…vehicles. That is unless you decided to take your NERF along I-95 and started shooting out the tires of families heading down to Walk Disney World!

Hauck toys has single handily changed the way NERF battles are going to be played with the introduction of the Nerf Battle Racer Ride On “armored car”. This bad boy has everything one needs to head into battle and destroy the opposition. Included is placeholders for two NERF blasters as well as a generous amount of extra ammo, comfortable cushioned seating and a handbrake for “hold onto your butts” action.

There are going to be a slew of jealous dads as they see their children head off for neighborhood war in this assault vehicle. For now, they can only hope that an adult model is in the works!

Nerf Battle Racer Ride On 2

Nerf Battle Racer Ride On 3
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