NES Cartridge Flasks

These NES Cartridge Flasks Are Perfect For… Being A Flask!


When we were kids, video games were the shiz-nit. As we grew older, they continued to be the shiz-nit. And as we grew older still, drinking whiskey became a way of life, but video games were still the shiz-nit. And now (finally) there is a way to combine both of them!

Yes, these may look like ordinary Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game cartridges, but they hold a secret: that they aren’t NES game cartridges! In fact, they are drinking flasks, each with its own clever pun for a name, like “Drunk Hunt”! They can hold 6 ounces of liquid courage, and are the same size as the classic NES cartridges.

So now you can cleverly disguise your beverage in public (you know, because drinking out of a video game doesn’t look completely suspicious or anything), act like a hipster, or you could actually use these for their intended purpose: fill it up with chloroform, and ask the question, “Excuse me? Does this game cartridge smell funny?”

Sidenote: don’t try to play these; we tried and it doesn’t work.

$19.99 From Amazon

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