Never Ending Musical Christmas Card

Never Ending Musical Christmas Card: The Never Ending Christmas Carol


Christmas carols, you either love them or you hate them. After the never ending musical Christmas card, your friends and family will more than likely end up on the hating side. Speaking of friends and family this may not be the best card to hand out, that is if you value the relationship. This card may be better suited for enemies and co-workers you would love to see have a mental breakdown from the incessant holiday cheer!

While it may look like an ordinary Christmas card on the outside it is overfilled with holiday cheer on the inside. In fact, this card will not stop spewing holiday greetings for a long, long time. In fact, this card just might be able to outlive the Christmas fruitcake from Aunt Flo.

This card is actually not all that bad. There are some twisted souls who may actually enjoy the cheers that comes along with it. For some, it may even be a holiday tradition.

$15.38 From Firebox

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