Nicolas Cage Pillowcase

Nicolas Cage Pillowcase: Sleep With The Stars!


This pillowcase is as soft as Nicolas Cage’s dark tousled hair. And, conveniently, this Adaptation of Nicolas Cage fits any standard sized pillow.

Does this movie star bad boy leave you Moonstruck? Let his ruggedly handsome visage regard you from all angles of you abode, like the National Treasure he is. You can rest your weary head against his muscular photorealistic shoulder, and let him escort you to dreamland. Put your Face Off and on him again and again, until you’re asleep in the City Of Angels. His deep blue understanding eyes don’t judge. Don’t feel like sleeping? You can ask him for advice. Have a Wild At Heart to heart.

If the Weather Man says it’s going to be a gloomy day, you might want to spend the day in, with a hot cup of cocoa and a side helping of that softie Nicolas Cage. If his good looks leave you feeling faint to the point of collapse, try to land on the pillow.

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