Nintendo Controller Shoes

These Nintendo Controller Shoes Are For Old People!


Once in a while, I stumble upon something that makes me feel old. One time, I was in a bar, and I was talking to a guy considerably younger than me. We were discussing our mutual love for horror icon, Freddy Krueger. This conversation went on for a good half hour, before I figured out that this kid was talking about the stupid 2009 remake of the movie, not the 80’s figure that I had grown up on. I wanted to clock him in his jaw for his blasphemy, but I just left him alone.

And here is yet another product that reminds me that my time is running out, because if you remember when the original Nintendo Entertainment Center came out, then you are old! So here are some sneakers that look like the NES classic controllers! They don’t actually control anything, except your emotions, as you stare down at your feet, and think about the youthful years that have now somehow just slipped right through your fingers, never to return.

The shoes are handmade canvas and slip on style. For a little extra cash, you can actually get any image you want on the front of them. Just be sure to order them quickly. After all, you are going to die soon.

Nintendo Controller Shoes 2
$49.95 From Etsy

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