Nintendo Electric Guitar

This Nintendo Electric Guitar Totally Rocks


Functional art is easy to love. Throw in a bit of nostalgia, and you’re singing a virtual masterpiece – on this Nintendo Electric Guitar!

The geniuses behind this six string guitar have lovingly hollowed out vintage gaming NES systems, then affixed strings and a headstock. The NES systems used to craft the guitar are in good to excellent condition, depending on their age. Their glorious rebirth into a one of a kind musical instrument is guaranteed to impress any crowd — even if your axe skills totally suck.

But depending on how you play it, the guitar itself sounds great, and it can be played with an amp or straight up, depending on how you rock.

These hand crafted, unique guitars can even be special ordered with your favorite NES character adorning the headstock, so that you can sing ballads to Luigi or Kirby. Just be aware that these are custom pieces, and may not ship to you overnight!

Nintendo Electric Guitar 2

Nintendo Electric Guitar 3$590.93 From Etsy

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