Nintendo GameCube Purse

Nintendo GameCube Purse For Your Geeky Gamer Sweetheart


Face it: your purse is boring.

You got your sad black purse for Christmas almost four years ago, and though it has held your cash and your keys through more trips to GameStop and Taco Bell than you can count, you always felt like something was missing. It was with a heavy heart that you placed your precious bubblegum and emergency granola bars into the depths of your depressing, lifeless purse. Your spine was weak and your resolve had worn thin.

But no longer. Now you can bring home this trusty Nintendo GameCube Purse, which features a high-resolution, customized coat of paint and a soft, cloth-lined pocket inside to keep all your precious candy wrappers safe from even the most malevolent of bosses. Walk through endless rows of video games in style. Preserve your extra lives inside your legendary purse. Make your friends weep with nostalgia every time you come near.

$70 From Etsy

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