Octopus Lamp

Octopus Lamp: Let The Octopus Guide Your Way


Whether you happen to love the sea or have a certain love for 8 legged sea creatures, we have found the perfect lamp for you! This octopus lamp is designed for the nautical lover or steampunk fanatic.

Beautifully handcrafted in Paris, France by a talented Etsy artist, this beautiful octopus will make a unique addition to any home.

The beast stands over 8 inches tall and the tentacles act as the base of the lamp. Crafted with resin and real brass powder cast, acrylic paint and patina that helps to give the creature that gorgeous steampunk look. The tentacles are absolutely breathtaking with well over 100 suction cups! There are times when this sea creature is sitting next to you, that you just might think the octopus has moved closer to you. This is one fierce creature that you would not want to have wrapped around your body!

This will make a gorgeous gift that will become a unique family heirloom over the years

Octopus Lamp 2

Octopus Lamp 3

Octopus Lamp 4

Octopus Lamp 5$199 From Etsy

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