Orbit Oil And Vinegar Dispenser

Orbit Oil And Vinegar Dispenser: Combine Without The Hassle!


As a cook, my kitchen is filled with sh*t I never use. Seriously, there are things I have in there that remember buying and never use, along with a bunch of utensils. On many a boring night, I find myself looking into my utensil drawer and wondering why I have more than one fork and knife, or why I have 5 bowls and a stack of plates. No one is here. I am always cooking for one… God I am lonely.

Anyways, here is a device that could save some space and serve useful for any cook. It is a dispenser two-in-one, that is made to serve both oil and vinegar. You don’t really have to put oil and vinegar in it, you could put other things in it that go together too.. like soy sauce and peanut oil, or lemon and lime juice, or… individuality and loneliness… sigh.

The dispenser is made of glass, and is like a balloon inside of a balloon. One balloon holds one ingredient, the other holds the other… at least THEY have companionship.

Orbit Oil And Vinegar Dispenser 2$22.26 From XD Design

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