Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

Bring Back The Good Ole Days With An Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit


You don’t have to be a mixologist to be popular in life, but it never hurts to know how to make a few cocktails. Before you start rolling your eyes, we are not talking about those crazy drinks they serve now in the clubs. We are talking about honest to goodness classic cocktails. You know these are the drinks that were served as the United States was being formed.

Can you imagine how impressed your boss would be if you served him George Washington’s favorite drink? Washington actually enjoyed a good dark porter, but you get where we are going, right? The problem is it is so hard to fully understand how to make these classic drinks. Not to be a Debbie-downer, but the generations that enjoyed these drinks are slowly dying off.

You will actually be able to impress your boss if you grab hold of the old fashioned cocktail kit. This kit includes all the instructions that will allow you to make a wide assortment of classic drinks. Included are all the tools need to make some stunning cocktails that are sure to impress all!

$79.00 From Broquet

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