Old School Toys And Candy Crate

Old School Toys And Candy Crate: Bring Back The GOOD Parts Of Childhood!


Normally, I try to forget my childhood, through a series of repressive activities, such as mindless work and drinking. I do these things because my adult brain tends to only focus on the negative aspects of my past, in order to ensure that my defenses are always up to deter possible threats. It’s called the :something: effect.

But, then there are parts of my childhood that were awesome. Like Cracker Jacks, the Slinky, losing my virginity, and drinking my first beer… wait… that was one of the memories I try to suppress, because that was screwed up night!

Well here is something for the adults from the 80s! This is a crate of crap that we forgot existed. While it won’t allow you to have your first sexual experience again, it will allow you to take a trip down memory lane!

The old school toys and candy crate includes a Rubic’s Cube, a box of cracker jacks, freaking Big League Chew (!), and a variety of other things that will make you feel like a kid again. The only thing it doesn’t have is a set of Rock Em’ Sock Em’ Robots!

Old School Toys And Candy Crate 2

Old School Toys And Candy Crate 3$74.99 From Man Crates

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