Organic Coffee Bean Body Scrub

Organic Coffee Bean Body Scrub: Roll In Coffee Like A Pig In Mud!


If you have read some of my other product descriptions, then you may have noticed I pride myself on my cooking abilities. I am a great cook and have spent many years working in kitchens. One of the first things I learned had to do with the human body. The fact that smell and taste are very closely related. I.E, if something smells good to you, it will probably taste good as well. And it is true, with the exception of one thing for me… Coffee. I don’t drink coffee, because it tastes like ass to me!

However, fortunately for this description, I love the smell of coffee… LOVE it! And if I could smell it all day, I would. And this is a body scrub that will not only make you smell like coffee, but also has the texture of ground coffee beans! Because it is made with actual coffee beans!

The coffee bean body scrub is supposed to be used in the shower (just in case any of you are stupid enough to use it like deodorant), and contains Robusta coffee beans, pink rock salt, and cold pressed coconut oil among lots of other healthy cleansing ingredients.

Organic Coffee Bean Body Scrub 2

Organic Coffee Bean Body Scrub 3$19.20 From Amazon

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