Over The Sink Cutting Board

Over The Sink Cutting Board: One Stop Station For Meal Preperation


Can you tell me one of the main things you hate about prepping food up in the kitchen? If you are like most people, it is having to take so many steps in creating a good meal. Unfortunately, most of us have less time than ever and whatever steps you can take to cut down on lost time is a good thing.

Let’s say you want to make a big salad for the evening. You need to grab a cutting board and slice and dice all of your vegetables. Then, you have to place those in a colander and rinse them out. Finally, you will need to place all of that into a bowl to serve. While, it is not to ask for a healthy salad, there is a way to lose a few steps here.

If you would like to find a way to make all of your prep needs easier, take a look at the over the sink cutting board. This new kitchen gadget is going to make your meal prep so much easier. The cutting board will fit over any size kitchen sink without any additional installation. All of your cutting is done on the cutting board above the sink. As you finish you simply push the product into the attached colander for easy rinsing.

The sides of the cutting board offer slip-resistant grips, while the colander has a 2.5 capacity. That is more than enough room to create a large salad or meal for the entire family.

It is time to make meal prep a little easier for you! Check out this great cutting board today.

$29.99 From Amazon

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