Pac Man Hand Ring

Pac Man Hand Ring: Waka, Waka, Waka, Right Over Your Ring Finger


If you were fortunate enough to be a child of the 1980’s, you had the great privilege of visiting the local arcades. Filling your pockets full of quarters and preparing your joystick hand, you knew you would always be in for a good time. You meet your friends outside and open the doors to a world of lights and sounds. You were an arcade champion and could decipher each game just by the sounds alone. There was one game in particular that always caught your attention, the very familiar sounds of “Waka, Waka, Waka”. All coming from that pie shaped hero, Pac-Man.

If you would love to relive those days of being an arcade queen or just like the retro look the Pac-Man hand ring is just what you have been looking for! This is a four finger set, that includes Pac-Man and four pellets to gobble up. Unfortunately, there are no ghosts or powerups…yet. Maybe the designer will include those for the other hand!

This beautiful retro set is designed with sterling silver and black onyx gems. This set is perfect for a fun night out or any day of the week you just want to geek out. This set has been carefully hand crafted and customized for you by Rachel Pfeffer over at Etsy.

So go ahead and grab a handful of quarters and check out this awesome piece of jewelry!

$124 From Etsy

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