Pac Man USB Ghost Lamp

Pac-Man USB Ghost Lamp For Your Midlife Crisis!


Do you remember Pac-Man? Yeah? Well then you are old! And if you are old, then you probably have no use for this product, so just move along and go shop for… I don’t know, stamps, or whatever old people buy.

But if you are not old, you want to have a cool light in your living or bedroom for some reason. Well here it is!

The Pac-Man USB Ghost Lamp is a great retro addition to your room, and it will fit nicely amongst your many posters of (insert musical groups I have never heard of here)! Yeah, nothing like showing your love for something you are too young to remember, or weren’t even alive for. I think you just got a text message.

The lamp is 8 inches by 8 inches, and is powered via a USB cord, so you can either use your laptop to power it, or there is also a wall adapter that comes with it. The “On” setting filters through 16 different colors, and the “Party” mode, makes the whole thing sound activated!

This is also great for people who are going through that midlife crisis that happens around your early 30’s. You know, don’t quite feel old, having a hard time letting go of your youth, growing increasingly annoyed with technology… eh hem, not that I would know anything about that.

$31.99 From ThinkGeek

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