Passback Football

Passback Football: A Football For Convicts!


Are you in prison? That sucks, I’m sorry, dude. Maybe you should do that thing where you don’t get caught. Or, you know, stop breaking the law, ya twat! Anyways, in prison you need something to pass the time, and for years, the stereotype has been bouncing a round ball against the wall and catching it (if you are a true badass, you can do this with one hand… the convict code).

Well, it’s nice to see progression in all, areas, like with this weird looking football! At first, you might be thinking “what the hell? What the hell?” But don’t worry, because it has a purpose.

One end of this football is flat, so you can throw it at a wall and it will come directly back to you, ass you waste away in your cell, endlessly thinking about the choices you have made in life!

The passback football is made from regular football stuff, and has a variety of design logos to choose from, so you can add some flare to life without parole!

Passback Football 2
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