Peanut Butter Smoke Bomb Kit

Peanut Butter Smoke Bomb Kit: Ready For Some James Bond Playtime?


Do you remember that old MacGyver show? It’s going back a few decades but it was a really popular show. The main character, MacGyver, was able to get out of any jam with bubblegum and a bobby pin. He had the knack to take what was at his disposal and use it to his advantage. Unlike him, the majority of us are just spoiled rotten. Whatever we need we either order it from Amazon or run down to the store to get it.

If you are tired of that convenience and want to try and become self-sufficient we have the ultimate kit for you. Take a look at this peanut butter smoke bomb kit. A cleverly disguised jar of harmless peanut butter can be modified to make one of the coolest smoke bombs ever. Included in the kit is potassium nitrate, the main ingredient you need for ultimate smoke bombs.

You may be asking yourself why we do I even need a smoke bomb? All I can respond to you is why don’t you need a smoke bomb?

$45 From Etsy

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