Gigantic Pepperoni Pizza Beach Blanket

Gigantic Pepperoni Pizza Beach Blanket: It Can’t Get Better Than Pizza!


Is there anything better than hot women? Yes! Hot women who aren’t stupid is one of them. Hot women who are not stupid and lying down is even better! And even better still, hot women who are not stupid, and are lying down, and in a bikini in the sun! Now, how do we add to that? I think the answer is quite obvious… PIZZA! But how do we combine pizza with a hot woman lying down, in the sun, in a bikini?!

HERE’S HOW!!! This is a beach blanket that looks like a giant circular pizza! Yeah, that right, 8 slices of pepperoni greatness, topped with one slither of female… ::drool::. This is sure to attract perverts of all types, armed with lines like “that pizza could use some sausage”, and “let me get a slice of that”!

The beach towel measures 5 feet long, so it is perfect for petite girls who want to get into porn, and it is colored to look like a giant pepperoni pizza! It is made from ultra-soft material, just like that hot woman, laying down on the beach, in a bikini, on top of a pizza!

$24.99 From Amazon

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