Pint Granite Glass

Pint Granite Glass: Drinking In Public!!!


We all know that drinking in public is awesome. Not just because it is illegal, but who the hell doesn’t like drinking outside?! You got the sun on your shoulders, the sounds of nature (or the city) and you are just sitting there enjoying life. But, there are these pesky people called cops that apparently don’t want you to enjoy life!

Well now you don’t have to worry about those f*ckers! Now you can drink in public with some class, with this pint granite glass that conveniently turns into a canteen in seconds! Just twist off the base, screw it onto the top, and there ya go! The cop will be none the wiser, and you can feel free to continue getting intoxicated!

The mug can hold 16 ounces of liquid (alcohol), and can be ordered in a granite lookalike pattern, black, or white colors. It has a stainless steel inside.

Pint Granite Glass 2

Pint Granite Glass 3

Pint Granite Glass 4

Pint Granite Glass 5

Pint Granite Glass 6
$32 From Stable Goods

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