Pizza Scissors Spatula

Pizza Scissors Spatula: It’s Finally Fun To Eat Pizza Again!


Pizza. Everybody loves it. Enough, obviously, to even deal with the crappy assortment of pizza cutting tools out there. You know what I’m talking about – those metal wheel thingies that either scratch the living heck out of your pizza tray, or don’t manage to quite cut through the crust.

If you find yourself emotionally scarred by the inconvenience round blade pizza cutters can cause, then you need to try these Pizza Scissors. This clever scissor and spatula tray set will finally make it fun to eat pizza again!

To use, simply slide the plastic spatula tray under your pizza. Then, cut yourself a slice of pizza with the easy-to-sharpen stainless steel scissors. Watch in awe as the blades glide through even a triple pepperoni with extra cheese, on a well-done crust. The spatula tray will gently cradle your pizza slice and any toppled toppings, until you are ready to stuff it into your maw.

Also works on pancakes!

Pizza Scissors$16.55 From Amazon

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