Plastic Bottle Cutter

How A Plastic Bottle Cutter Will Change Your Life


Do you consider yourself a master crafter? Or perhaps you are a savior of this planet? In either case we have found the perfect product that you need in your kitchen drawer.

Check out the plastic bottle cutter which is going to become one of your favorite tools in the home. This incredible tool is going to take all those bottles that you throughout on yearly basis and recycle them into plastic rope that can be used for multiple purposes.

The plastic rope that is delivered from this bottle cutter is perfect for a large variety of DYI purposes and household projects. You’ll soon find that you’ll never have to buy another bolt of string or rope ever again. In fact, the plastic rope you get from your ordinary 2 L soda bottle will be strong enough to tow your car!

Are you ready to change the world? Are you looking for a never ending supply of rope for crafts and projects? If so take a look at this plastic bottle cutter and start improving your world.

Plastic Bottle Cutter 2

Plastic Bottle Cutter 3
$17 From KickStarter

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