Pokeball Bath Bombs

Pokeball Bath Bombs: Can You Catch These In Your Tub?


Has bath time become dull and tired for you? Does it just feel like you are just going through the motions every single day? You hop in wash your hair, soap your body, and rinse off. Sure you are getting squeaky clean, but are you having fun? My guess would be a no, and we are going to change that right now!

Just because we are adults doesn’t mean that bath time has to be so serious. Take a look at the Pokeball bath bombs that are guaranteed to give you a fantastic smelling bath and a heck of a good time. These bath bombs are carefully handcrafted with the ultimate in love and pride. Each one contains a surprise Pokemon toy in the middle that will be revealed once the ball has fully dissolved.

Since these are rather large balls you can actually cut them in half or quarters and not use the full amount all at once. Not only will this save you some money, but you can get the toy that much quicker! These balls are made from natural ingredients and can be found in 6 aromatic scents including sea spray and lemon verbena.

No need to catch them all across the world either. You can find all of these incredible Pokeball Bath Bombs scents at FizzyFairyApothecary’s shop at Etsy. So head over there and check out her incredible shop!

Pokeball Bath Bombs 2

Pokeball Bath Bombs 3

Pokeball Bath Bombs 4$25 From Etsy

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