Pokeball Candles

Pokeball Candles Are Essential In Training


How tired are you from playing Pokemon Go? More than likely by this point in time it has become an obsession with you. You know you have to catch them all or your life is a failure. What you need is something that is going to help you unwind and relax to prepare for another day of battle.

What you need are Pokeball candles, they will help to keep your eyes on the prize. As a warrior, you need time to relax and plan out a strategy as to where to go next. Are they hiding in the mall? They Mayor’s office? Or down by the ocean? That is a lot of walking and hunting and a little bit of me time can go a long way.

Sit one of these beautiful hand painted Pokeball candles down by a hot bubble bath and let them calm you and allow for thoughtful meditation. For when tomorrow comes your body will be primed for battle!

Pokeball Candles 2

Pokeball Candles 3
$6 From Etsy

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