Pokemon Edition Monopoly

Pokemon Edition Monopoly: It’s A Pokemonopoly!


I never really got into Pokemon. I think it was just past my time, because it became popular right after I was realizing how not fun life is. How no matter how much I dream, and how much I try, or how great life may seem in this moment, it is going to come crashing down in an array of tragedy and heartbreak that is capable of ripping apart every thread of my being… happens every time.

But, if you do like Pokemon, and board games that never seem to end, you may want to check out this Pokemon version of the classic board game Monopoly! It’s exactly what it sounds like, a version of Monopoly where the properties and such are replaced with Pokemon references!

The board is about 10 inches by 15 inches, and it comes with pieces that represent characters from the classic cartoon show! So you don’t need to collect them all anymore. Now you can use them to build your financially corrupt empire!

Pokemon Edition Monopoly 2

Pokemon Monopoly$35.95 From Amazon

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