Pokemon Pikachu Hoodie With Ears

Style Yourself Like The Most Popular Pokemon Ever with Pikachu Hoodie


I choose you, Pikachu – to keep me warm, that is. Have you ever been cold and thought to yourself “Pikachu makes me feel warm inside, why not on the outside”? If so, this is the hoodie for you.

The fleece and felt fabrics guarantee that not only will you be styling and profiling, but you will be so comfortable, you’ll never choose anybody but Pikachu for all your warming needs. I am truly shocked that everyone doesn’t own at least one of these hoodies. The hood is designed just like the face of the legendary Pokemon, Pikachu; the stripes on the back make you look almost exactly like the little critter – aside from the fact that you’re probably a lot taller.

Well, actually I’m quite certain you’re a lot taller – but still. Just the fact that you’re wearing a hoodie designed to look like Pikachu is reason enough to own one of these. I mean, come on.

$16.89 – $39.99 From Amazon

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