Portable All-In-One Coffee Maker

This Portable All-In-One Coffee Maker Is Smarter Than You


There is no shame in being a coffee snob. In fact, in many cultures, the title is a badge of honor. It’s super hard not to respect someone who makes a good cup of coffee – especially when they’re making it for you.

There are many levels of coffee snobbery. Some coffee snobs sneer at instant coffee and drink drip. Others sneer and drip and drink pressed. Other people… well, you get the idea.

Once you taste the fresh caffeinated goodness that the Cafflano Klassic Portable All-In-One system brews, you will loudly be singing its praises, and denouncing all other forms of the bean juice, like the true coffee snob that you are.

This ingenius brewing cup has several parts. The top part is essentially a drip kettle with lid. The middle part of the piece is a hand-mill grinder that easily folds away, and an environmentally friendly metal mesh filter. The bottom of the unit is a stainless steel tumbler – so that you can take your superior cup of joe on the go.

This portable coffee maker comes in swank red or mysterious black, is super easy to clean, and simple to use. You will definitely win the title of Chief Overlord High Coffee Snob with this baby.

Portable All-In-One Coffee Maker 2
$99 From My Cafflano

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