The Portable Solar Panel

This Portable Solar Panel Is A Functional Work Of Art


This beautifully designed daisy-shaped portable solar panel can charge 2 USB devices simultaneously, so that you and a friend can charge your iPods or finish writing the next great American novel without even a single electrical socket in sight.

Its 30” diameter features 48 high quality solar cells, which absorb energy from the sun quickly and efficiently. The panel can produce 15 watts per hour of energy in a normal sunny day, but when the weather is inclement, or if the days are too short, this ingenious solar panel features the auxiliary power of a 15 watt lithium-ion battery. Take that, cloudy weather!

Form and function are formidable equals in this portable solar panel. The daisy-shaped petals of the panel were created to enable the device to lie flat without buckling on the ground, on a rooftop, or even atop a beach umbrella. The panel has been thoughtfully crafted from quality materials to maximize an outdoor lifespan, with metal cables containing oxidation resistant, and coverings with PVC to maximize outdoor durability.

The panel takes about a minute to install, and will function through rain, wind, or snow. They are so easy to use, and they provide such great protection against portable electronic battery death, that there’s really no excuse not to own one in every color.

The Portable Solar Panel 2

The Portable Solar Panel 3

The Portable Solar Panel 4

The Portable Solar Panel 5$299 From Amazon

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