Portable USB Powered Monitor

Portable USB Powered Monitor: Jump Start Your Porn Career!


The idea of “Big Brother” has been a thing since Orson Wells reminded us that we will eat whatever the media feeds us since 1938, when he tricked an entire nation into thing we were being invaded by aliens. We, are consumers. And that works with everything from the mind, to our physical bank account… it’s sad really.

So here is something that doesn’t fall into that category. This is something that is actually useful for anyone who edits video for a living or hobby. Because, if you know anything at all about video editing, you know that you can never have enough monitors. And this one connects by a USB port!

The portable USB Powered monitor is almost 10 inches across, and displays HD quality images. It is compatible with most PC computers, and will help you with your amateur porn dreams as long as you have the dream! That’s that. It is a portable monitor that connects through your USB connection… in other words, it’s AWESOME SAUCE!!!

Portable USB Powered Monitor 2

Portable USB Powered Monitor 3

Portable USB Powered Monitor 4$249.99 From Packed Pixels

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