Prank Pregnancy Test

Well This Prank Pregnancy Test Proves Nothing


I am not sure which gender is dumber. A wise man once told me (either in person or on TV, I can’t remember) that women are crazy, and men are stupid. But women are crazy, because men are stupid. It’s really a catch 22 when you think about it, because really… which would you rather be? Crazy or stupid? I would say it really doesn’t matter which you choose because either way your mind is f*cked!

With that being said, here is a product for all of us. This is a prank gag thing that acts like a pregnancy test that always reads positive. Because there is nothing more terrifying than the thought of a child growing up with all of this around them. The idea here is that you could leave this in a trash can or some other convenient place for your boyfriend to find… you know, the dude who was thinking about leaving you, but now he will have no option but to stay with your crazy ass!

If you are a dude, you could easily plant this on the sink while your girlfriend waits for the result of her actual pregnancy test. Just imagine her freak out when she sees that she is having a baby, only to have her dreams /nightmares shattered when you reveal to her that she isn’t preggo!

Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if you did that, only to find out that she really WAS pregnant?! Yeah, that would be funny to watch.

Prank Pregnancy Test 2
$12.99 From Amazon

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