Put A Ring On It Mug

Put A Ring On It Mug: Cray Cray


There’s no doubt about it: b*tches be cray cray! Seriously, when it comes to women and their friends, they are thick as thieves with each other, but more than willing to pull a Game Of Thrones move on each other, because they are gossipy and scandalous. And they always want to make each other jealous. Man, sounds like a great group of friends to have!

Well, to indulge in that viewpoint, here is the engagement coffee mug. No, it is not a mug that you would use to surprise your significant other with a proposal, it is a nug to show off to your girlfriends just how a man you got! Nothing says friends, like shoving in their face how much better your life is than theirs!

The mug is ceramic and porcelain, and holds 12 ounces of liquid. It has the words “He put a ring on it” printed on it, with an arrow that points towards the handle where that crazy b*tch’s ring finger would be. To drive the point home, the word “ring” is spelled in a different, eye-catching font, to make sure that all of her friends focus on the fact that she is happy and they are not. BRILLIANT!

Put A Ring On It Mug 2

Put A Ring On It Mug 3$16+ From Etsy

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