Quick Cleaning Hair Brush

Quick Cleaning Hair Brush: Now You Can Use Your Roommate’s Hair Brush!


How many times in your lifetime have you used a hairbrush that isn’t yours, only to realize in terror that you need to cover your tracks, because a bunch of your hairs are now clearly visible in the brush’s bristles? Well, I will tell you my number on that. Hundreds. Maybe thousands! I have been using my roommate’s hair brush every single day without him knowing… not because I need to… I just have some morbid sense of humor about it. Don’t even ask me what I have been doing with his nose trimmer!

So, here to help us out with that little conundrum is a self cleaning hair brush! Here is what you do: just buy this for your roommate and say something like, I don’t know, it looked cool and I thought maybe you could use a new hair brush.” They will thank you for the gift.

Then every time you use it, just clean it, by clicking the back mechanism which pulls the bristles in, letting go of the hair! If there is already hair on the brush from your roommate, like if they use it and don’t use the cleaning feature, just use the mechanism before you brush, set their hair aside, and then replace it when you are done! WALLA!!!

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