Rainbow Rose Seeds

Rainbow Rose Seeds: Roses Are Red…Or Are They?


Are you jealous when you look at your neighbors flower garden? Does your blood boil when you see their perfect petunias or dazzling daffodils? Of course, you could let your rage get the better of you and trample their flowers at night or pour weed killer on their pristine gardens. However, this is not the neighborly thing to do and can wind you up in jail.

The best thing to do is outdo your neighbors at their own game. While you could take a quick run to the local garden shop or Home Dept for flowers, we have found a better solution. You are going to germinate your yard with all the colors of the rainbow and we are not talking about throwing Skittles to the ground and calling it a day.

For this outdoor project, you need to head over to Etsy and buy a package of the rainbow rose seeds. These incredible seeds arrive in packs of 25, 50, and 100 ready to transform your dull garden into a garden paradise. These roses will bring technicolor dreams to your garden as the roses begin to bloom with all the colors of the rainbow.

Order these and watch your thumb turn green and your neighbors turn green with envy.

Rainbow Rose Seeds 2

Rainbow Rose Seeds 3$1.99+ From Etsy

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