Realistic Old Man Mask

Realistic Old Man Mask: You Don’t Have To Wait To Be An Old Pervert Anymore!


Halloween may be everyday, but it is only one day that everybody seems to celebrate Halloween at the same time. And it is our obligation as responsible, and drunk adults to either dress up as something so slutty you could be arrested in it (but we call it sexy), or something that will scare the living sh*t out of little kids and those around us! And we have found the most terrifying mask ever created!

Behold the ravages of age! This realistic mask will make you look like a 70 year old man, the same kind you are terrified to listen to, or have sex with, or have to bathe with a sponge!

The realistic old man mask is actually pretty impressive, as it really looks human and real. It is made of silicon, just like fake boobs, so it has a real bounce to it. The hairs are installed one or two at a time (presumably in a sweatshop in North Korea), so they look like they are growing right out of the skin!

Sidenote, this could also be used to seduce women your age that are into older dudes!

Realistic Old Man Mask 2$680 From Etsy

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