Realistic Pokemon Sculptures

Realistic Pokemon Sculptures: How Terrifying Pokemon Can Relly Be


Pokemon is more popular than ever , which is surprising considering how long the show has been around. Yet, new generations continue to find the entertainment involved in catching them all. However, have you ever thought how terrifying these creatures would be if they actually existed among us. I guarantee you would not be searching for them with your phone, you would be running for your life.

A talented Etsy artist from Mexico had the same thought and decided it was time to teach children what they were really collecting. Sergio Soqui will create realistic Pokemon sculptures that are designed to your specifications and is guaranteed to haunt your dreams and invade your nightmares!

These are actually beautiful pieces of art that are available at an excellent price. I am telling you right now to get in an order as soon as possible because this is going to be a huge hit around the holidays!

Realistic Pokemon Sculptures 2

Realistic Pokemon Sculptures 3

Realistic Pokemon Sculptures 5

Realistic Pokemon Sculptures 4
$49 From Etsy

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