Record Runner

Record Runner – VW Bus Portable Self-Contained Vinyl Record Player: What’s Up Old Timer


Do you remember VHS? Nah, probably not, because you grew up in an age of digital nonsense. Well, do you remember audio cassettes? Nah, probably not because you grew up in an age of digital nonsense. Okay, well do you remember vinyl? Probably, because we live in an age of hipsters who are constantly trying to bring stuff back to make up for their own lack of personality. Or you might be punk rock… or old… cheers to you if you are punk rock or old!

Well here is something you might like. It is a little van that plays records! What? Yeah. It is a van than you put on top of a record, and it runs around the thing and plays it!

How does that work, you ask? Well it’s really not that hard to figure out. The van has a needle on the bottom to read the grooves on the record. It runs around the record and the grooves are played through a built-in speaker. And it is shaped like the classic VW, because why not, Shaggy?

$79.95 From Amazon

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