Reflective Fire Glass

Reflective Fire Glass: You Kiddin Me, Or Whaaaaa?


I’ll be honest; Before a few minutes ago, I had never heard of “fire glass”. The first thing that popped into my head, was fireproof glass, which could save lives in a house fire where one may need to break a window. Or maybe it is just glass panes that are stained to look like fire. Perfect for creating a mood.

Turns out, I was dead wrong, and the actual product is way f*cking cooler! This is reflective fire glass that you put in like a fire pit, and it burns and lasts for hours! So now instead of you drunken friend falling into a fire pit, he can fall on broken glass too!

Honestly, this sh*t is pretty high-class looking. It is 10 pounds of ¼ inch pieces, and made to be used with natural or propane gas. It should provide hours and hours of heat over several uses. Just don’t be surprised when one of your guests refers to you as Mr. Sosa, and says you have everything a man could want (yes, I just made a Scarface reference, do something!)

Reflective Fire Glass 2$52.41 From Amazon

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