Landscaping With Rent-A-Goat Invasive Plant Remediation Service Is The New Black


Well, you’re never going to believe what you can order on Amazon now, so I’m just going to flat out tell you: it’s a Rent-A-Goat Invasive Plant Remediation Service. Yes, for serious.

You simply visit the Amazon Home Services page, go to “Hire A Goat Grazer”, and punch in your postal code. To get a free quote on how much it will cost to have goats do some landscaping in your area, let Rent-A-Goat know what the main type of vegetation your acreage sprouts, how much land you need grazed, and whether you are a city, suburb, or country dweller. The service also asks that you let them know whether or not your land is fenced, and whether your land propagates any toxic plants, like laurel or azalea.

After you submit your service quote request, a Service Pro will get back to you within one business day with an estimate for the goat/s, and an offer of an on-site consultation. During the consultation, the number of goats your lawn requires will be addressed, as well as how long the goats will linger on your property, and how often the Service Pro will revisit to monitor their progress.

Goats will eat just about anything – plant or otherwise. They particularly love some types of vegetation that people generally don’t enjoy having on their property, like poison ivy or thistle. While goats’ comprehension of art theory and design may be questionable, their ability to hoover up some of the most obnoxious plants known to mankind makes them fantastic landscapers.

If you want a great-looking lawn, and an even greater story, rent some goats to mow your property. They’ll love you for it, and you’ll be helping to save the planet by not using your gas mower.

Rent-A-Goat 2

Rent-A-Goat 3$250 From Amazon

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