Roarin' Shark Inflatable Pool

This Roarin’ Shark Inflatable Pool Will Bring Terror Out Of The Deep


Are you ready to toss your little ones into the jaws of the ocean’s greatest terror? Fear not we are not talking about actually sacrificing your precious babies to the ultimate hunter of the deep blue sea. In fact, we want them to bond with this cold blooded killer over the summer with this roarin’ shark inflatable pool.

While the other kids are playing in Elmo and Dora pools your child is learning how to live at one with the sea. Think of this as their own little Jacque Cousteau moment. Never will they have a fear of becoming shark bait as you were ahead of all the other parents and allowed your child to form good memories of this beast.

This great white can hold up to 6 inches of water or about 32 gallons. The top of the beast’s mouth is designed to act as a sunscreen to keep your little one’s out of the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. And who said all sharks had on their mind was to disembowel and eat us?

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