Roll-Up Keyboard

Roll-Up Keyboard: Impress The Ladies!


Ever since I went through puberty, I have been on a never ending quest to impress girls by any means necessary. In the beginning, I didn’t care what it was; I would go to great lengths, putting my personal safety in danger at all costs, just to get that one girl to notice me. Who knew that it would one day be as easy as this?!

This is the roll-up keyboard, and it is sure to make anyone around be all like “oh, that’s cool”. You can finally have that girl across the room looking at you, and thinking “huh, I haven’t seen that before”. Hell, she might even stop for a moment to contemplate whether or not you are a complete loser or not! It’s a start!

The keyboard is made of silica gel, and it works with a PC computer or laptop. It is black, like most cool things, and is fully functional. It does what other keyboards do, meaning it types and sh*t, but it rolls up for easy mobility. So you can use it on a plane, in a Walmart, and you could probably use it to strangle someone somehow!

PS: This will not get you laid. There is only one thing that can get you laid and that’s you! Go get em’ tiger!

Roll-Up Keyboard 2

Roll-Up Keyboard 3

Roll-Up Keyboard 4$13.99 From Amazon

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