Rose Scented Fart Pills

Rose Scented Fart Pills: It’s Where Your Poop Comes From


Every once in awhile, an invention comes along that changes history. Something enhances lives, that saves our very fabric, and that changes the face of humanity as we know it. We live for these times. These times that send us on the curve to the future, and leave us asking “what’s next?”

This… is not one of those times. In fact, this is the opposite; this is a time where we go backwards. And that is not necessarily a bad thing, because this is awesome! These are fart pills! And no, they don’t make you fart. Get this: they make your farts smell like roses! I never thought I could win someone over with flatulence until now!

So get ready to look at your significant other, and say “my sh*t smells like roses”!! The pills are completely safe and non-addictive, and come in a few different varieties, including a Christmas version and even one for your dog! Elevators will never be the same again!

$23.50 From Pilule Pet

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