Rotten Fart Scented Candle

Rotten Fart Scented Candle: An Alternative To Ripping Ass!


I love farting. I mean, I actually enjoy everything about it. The process, the sound, the smell, and of course, the sharing! Many times, I am the one to hush people in the room, just so I can test the acoustics of the room with my butt trumpet! But what to do if I just don’t have any gag gas brewing in the old stinkhole? How can I share my love of the bum breather if I just don’t have anything going?

Well here’s how! From Gorilla Candles comes this amazing fart scented candle! Now I can finally expose people to the joy of ripping a mini Harley Davidson out of my ass! Whether they like it or not, they gotta deal with it, because I have locked the doors from the outside!

The candle is made of soy, and creates a nose cringing scent when lit, the same way your butthole does when it lets out a gasp. It comes in a vessel that looks like a paint can, and there is no word as to whether or not it is made with actual farts.

$14 From Etsy

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