Rustic Reclaimed Wood Desk

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Desk: Take A Seat And Go Back In Time


Has life become just too modern for you? Does your home mimic the decor you may find in the Death Star? While a modern and sleek decor has its place, sometimes it is nice to take things back a few years.

Don’t worry we are not talking about the plaids and paisleys of the 70’s! We actually found a way to bring charm back into your home or home office.

By choosing a rustic reclaimed wood desk, you are not only helping the environment but adding a healthy dose of style to your home. These desks are beautifully crafted in the Midwestern United States by highly skilled artisans. The desk is crafted from reclaimed wood of mid-century barns, homes, and other buildings. While the legs are composed of mid-century steel legs for an outstanding look.

Isn’t it time you bring some history into your home? This is a one of a kind item that none of the big retail shops can even think to be able to place on their shelves!

$495+ From Etsy

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