Scratch And Sniff Whiskey Book

Become A Whiskey Know-It-All While Remaining Completely Sober With The Essential Scratch And Sniff Whiskey Book


How can you become an overnight expert on whiskey, without suffering even the slightest hangover? By scratching and smelling, of course!

This Scratch And Sniff Whiskey book is 20 pages of gloriously teetotaling information. The authors are renowned whiskey experts, and will imbrue you and all of your senses with a dazzling plethora of facts, such as which grains are used to suffuse Scotland’s favorite drink with its mild, spicy or smoky ambrosia. As factual as it is fun, this book will enable you to spout fun whiskey anecdotes at any party.

If you scratch it, this book will smell like fine aged whiskies from around the world. So, it stands to reason: if a picture is worth a thousand words, a scratch and sniff must be worth at least thirteen thousand words. That makes this book perfect for alcohol aficionados, or for people who don’t like to drink alcohol but enjoy how it smells. This book is contains 0% alcohol. Licking the pages is not recommended.

Scratch And Sniff Whiskey Book 2$13.74 From Amazon

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